Travel is movement in space and time, it is a story about moods, curiosity and research, moments that become memories to make way for other sensations and other future memories. The dynamism of the journey is attractive, when the habit is interrupted by the desire for knowledge. Destinations change, each stage becomes a starting point. As Nicolas Bouvier writes: “The best thing about travelling is to get lost. When you get lost, plans give way to surprises, and it is then, but only then, that the journey begins”.

Ermanno Scervino loves research and experimentation. Each collection is a journey, a path that begins in the tailor’s workshop, with the richness of ancient workmanship and thanks to the desire to discover new languages. it develops unpredictably until it reaches a destination that is always contemporary and, therefore in the making. Travel is also the inspiration for this 2022 Resort: an exploration of colours, surfaces, shapes, the contrast between different cultures, legends, customs and habits. A journey between the primitive and the sophisticated, heavy and light, full and empty, historical and futuristic.