Ermanno Scervino Resort 2022

Travel is movement in space and time, it is a story about moods, curiosity and research, moments that become memories to make way for other sensations and other future memories. The dynamism of the journey is attractive, when the habit is interrupted by the desire for knowledge. Destinations change, each stage becomes a starting

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Casablanca Spring Summer 2022

Charaf Tajer’s Casablanca exists in a dusky, liminal space between day and night, play and partying. On top of that the designer has blurred gender lines, at least in one direction: His ideal—represented by the house muse, Sid—is representative of the new masculinity of our times. Having co-owned a club in Paris called Le

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Harlem’s Fashion Row’s Digital NYFW Event

Harlem’s Fashion Row celebrated its 13th annual Style Awards and fashion show event. This year’s program, like the vast majority of shows and events this season, was produced entirely online. The pre-recorded video was emceed by former Ebony Fashion Fair commentator Audrey Smaltz along with HFR’s founder Brandice Daniel.  In addition to forming major brand partnerships

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