Photo Credit: © boats Exclusiv

Architectural progress has always stood as a reflection of society itself. For this reason, kings, pharaohs, and leaders alike have historically leaned on architects to create massive testaments of strength and competence in the form of monumental buildings and awe-inspiring structures that stand to represent the wealth, innovativeness, and supremacy of a given people.

Naturally, the architects themselves build for different reasons. An artistic itch combined with sheer ambition to build something memorable is what drives the great builders of the past up to today. People such as world-renowned Norwegian naval architect Espen Oeino forge forward by challenging traditions and striving to create the next great design.

Boasting a well-earned reputation as one of the prominent minds of modern architectural design, Espen continues the timeworn tradition of breaking tradition and blazing original trails. Creator, owner, and head designer of Espen Oeino International (EOI) in Monaco, the world’s leading design studio of large custom motor yachts, Espen is the mind behind many of the most recognizable mega yachts in our oceans.

Skat, a 233-foot luxury yacht built in Germany, is considered by most experts to be a crowning achievement in the yacht-building industry. A massive sea vessel of unprecedented design, Skat looks like the most luxurious battleship you’d ever see. Its unique flat-grey color, sharp angles, and huge window panorama are instantly recognizable amongst naval architects and aficionados.

Great minds should be recognized, and while Espen Oeino continues his quest as he currently designs the 295-foot super yacht Global, all of society will ultimately get to bask in the victory of his achievements. With men like Espen advancing our societal reputation by forcing progress and creating structures that will be admired for generations to come, it is comforting to know that our current generation will be well represented.