By Ashanty Rivera

I do not want to say that I am the expert on accessories, but I can always spot when one is simply
too hot to drop. One of the celebrities who almost always brings out a new trend for us
fashion-lovers to get into is Bella Hadid. One of the accessories that she has been sporting like
crazy is eyeglasses. Not sunglasses- actual prescription-like glasses that many of us (including
myself) do not enjoy wearing, especially in an everyday sense. Bella Hadid does this effortlessly
and makes it look like literally anyone can pull it off.

If you want to try out wearing glasses for fashion like Bella Hadid but you do not have your own
pair of prescription glasses, you can go to any local Dollar Tree, or other stores that may sell
some cute eyewear, or even order some off of Amazon. Wearing eyeglasses for fashion is
definitely the next best thing to try out, especially if you’re feeling like your accessory game
could be turned up just a notch or two. So will you be trying out wearing eyeglasses with your
future fits?