By Ashanty Rivera

If you have not already heard, a new live-action Barbie movie is in the works with Little Women
director Greta Gerwig leading the star-studded cast. We got our first look at Margot Robbie as
the title character back in April, and we finally got our first look at Ryan Gosling as Ken. Now
there is a lot of mixed buzz from this first look, with some people praising the way Gosling looks
as the iconic doll, and some people questioning it. In the photo, Gosling is shirtless in a denim
vest with Ken’s signature popped collar, as well as some matching denim bottoms and some
“Ken” boxers peeking through. Gosling’s abs are absolutely glistening in the photo, giving a very
doll-like but make it life-like appearance.
The actor is 41- I know. He looks amazing and is honestly one of the most perfect choices they
could have gone with for the film, in our opinion of course. Margot Robbie is 31, so the actors
are exactly 10 years apart, which does not shock us as hard since they still look so good together.
Ryan Gosling as Ken also has bleach blonde hair, which many people were the most upset about
since Ken traditionally has blonde hair. Many of the comments suggest that he looks old and
more middle-aged than a live-action Ken should, but we trust Mrs. Gerwig’s creative direction
and hope that the movie will be nothing short of a success!