In the 10-year anniversary of Sara Cavazza Facchini’s creative direction, Genny opens a new concept store in Los Angeles and celebrated the opening at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

Genny celebrated its store opening located in Beverly Hills which marks a milestone in the brand’s history in the US market. The intimate cocktail was held at the Penthouse 64 at Chateau Marmont. The soiree was lit by candles and with touches of whites as well as white orchids, which are the symbol of the brand. The event included a retrospective of the best designs and looks of the brand scattered throughout the penthouse.

“The United States is our natural horizon. The city of Los Angeles is a context akin to the Genny brand as a glamour identity and a constant desire for internationality,” declares Sara Cavazza Facchini, who continues, “I felt the desire for a constant presence in California, a true Embassy of the Maison, capable of representing overseas the key concepts that give life to the world of Genny in order to bring me closer to the brand’s many fans on the West Coast”.

The Genny boutique in L.A. is a combination of precious materials, such as White Super marble and Blanche Oak wood, richness in details, such as champagne-colored metal intervals, and soft geometries that create a space that chases each other between elements of furniture and architecture, composing itself into a contemporary image. The perimeter niches are characterized by neutral tones and surfaces are enriched by a custom texture with the iconic “blockchain” pattern of Genny knit fabric that becomes a characteristic element of the concept.

The orchid, symbol of the Maison, is made three-dimensionally in plaster to create a sculptural effect.

Jayden Smith