Photo Credit: Dmitriy Turovskiy

Photo Credit: Dmitriy Turovskiy

The dating process has officially been streamlined. Long gone are the days of old when online dating was considered a last resort for hopeless loners. Today, owning an online dating profile is almost as common as actually being in a relationship. The shameful stigma that used to be associated with the online dating scene has ceased to exist.

If you’re single against your will, it’s time to check out the new scene.

Relationships are becoming big business. Countless websites and apps have been created to capitalize on the growing industry as more people are starting to accept online dating as a legitimate way to find a compatible partner.

Opening an account is no longer a concession of failure; in fact, many people are starting to view it is a preferable alternative to the brutal system of barhopping and blind set-ups that singles often subject themselves to.

If the grueling dating life has taken its toll and left you uninspired, apps such as Tinder and websites like (plenty of fish) offer people an efficient way to expedite the process. No, you are not simply going to fill out a form and be supplied your soul mate; instead, users will connect virtually with likeminded people who share common interests; not everyone that “enjoys reading” is going to get along. Imagine Facebook with more flirting.

Remember, you are definitely not alone in your search for companionship, and there is no reason to be embarrassed. People are there to socialize and flirt. Take initiative and have some fun with it. Everyone else is just as eager as you to make personal connections, so don’t be timid and embrace the environment.

Single people: explore a website, download an app, and send out a few messages.

There is no pressure on you to “close the deal” or out-game your competitors. Have fun with it, be genuine, and embrace your idiosyncrasies (nobody likes a faker).

The world wants you in a relationship: don’t let us all down.

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