By Ashanty Rivera

Now I am totally one for a good streetwear and luxury brand collaboration- I mean it is the best
of both worlds right? You would think so since I mean, who does not love streetwear or
designer? When I first saw this dress from the collaboration scrolling through my Instagram (as I
do regularly) I was like- ok this is happening. Adidas is a fan favorite, so the question as to why
Gucci has a collaboration with the brand did not come up. However, I am not sure I am a big fan
of the dress. As much as I love Victorian fashion, this one is pretty questionable!
Upon further inspection, we can clearly see the iconic Adidas logo and stripes surrounding the
neck, arms, and ruffled bottom part of the dress. While some Adidas-crazed fanatics (like my
Dad for example) might find this dress an absolute cop, many will definitely consider this dress a
drop. But let us look at some of the better parts of the dress, for example, the silky luster that it
has, and the classic cream and black color palette. I also, as I mentioned previously, love the
Victorian-inspired silhouette that the dress has, so with that factor in mind I might be giving this
dress an 8 out of 10. Would I cop it? Probably not right now, but the fun thing about fashion is
style is that you can always have fun with it, so maybe one day you’ll find me in the dress next to
my Dad, who would also be dripped out in Adidas.