Everyone knows that Miami Swim Week is literally the best fashion week now. It’s the sexiest for sure. Planet Fashion recently launched a European version in Monaco called Monaco Swim Week to great success. We are happy to account that others around the world are following the Swim Week trend. Now there will officially be a HAWAI‘I Swim Show.

Hawaiʻi Swim Show’s mission is to bring the spotlight of swimwear to Hawaiʻi and to showcase local designers and business owners and introduce them to the international fashion scene. HAWAI‘I Swim Show has been created by two women born and raised in Hilo HAWAI‘I.

Kaliʻa Leimakani Kekela Wasson, a graduate of Kamehameha Schools Hawai‘i, fluent Hawaiian speaker, and beautiful hula dancer, is a professional dancer for the MLB Miami Marlins as well as latin artists, Farruko and Zion & Lennox. She is a 24 year old Designer and CEO of Leimakani, a Hawai ‘i inspired swimwear brand, which has been recognized globally on platforms such as Sports Illustrated Swim, WWD Magazine, WGSN, Refinery29, and more. As the first native Hawaiian designer to be featured in Miami Swim Week, she shares her passion for promoting inclusivity and representation, creating a community for women to empower other women.

Taylor-Megan Kawaiaʻala Matas is a Hilo High School graduate and collegiate athlete who received a soccer scholarship to compete and study in Seattle, Washington. She is currently a full-time model residing in Las Vegas, Nevada and dances professionally for a Polynesian dance company. Taylor is also an advocate for mental health and takes pride in her work as a life coach and online mentor. She believes there is beauty in bringing a positive light and the spirit of aloha to the world of swimwear.
Both young women, now founders and directors of the first swim week to come to Hawai‘i. Hawai‘i breaks barriers and is excited to share their heart and talent in fashion, design, and creativity with the world.

Hilo, Hawaiʻi will be the center of the first ever Hawaiʻi Swim Show during the week of September 1- 4, 2022 at the stunning Wainaku Executive Center.

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VIP and General Admission 3-day All Access tickets are on sale now at hiswimshow.com. Please contact us for Sponsorship opportunities and
For more information, please contact Kaliʻa Wasson at 808-785-3203, email [email protected] or Instagram @hawaiiswimshow, hiswimshow.com.