20 years after her supermodel mom appeared on the cover of Glamour Germany, Leni Klum now 16 years old is following in Heidi’s footsteps.

The teen made her modeling debut alongside Heidi on the cover of Vogue Germany back in December. At the time, Heidi made it clear that her daughter’s career in front of the camera would be very separate from her own. Just months later, Leni struck gold with her first unaccompanied starring role.

“Thank you to everyone who made my first solo cover so special,” Leni captioned an Instagram post. Still, she acknowledged the sentimental tie to her mom’s work. “It’s an honor to share this with my mama @heidiklum who was Glamour Germany’s first ever cover model.”

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The publication even created a fun video to commemorate how it celebrated two decades by keeping the cover slot all in the family.

Despite being a power duo, Leni posted a video clip from the set of the shoot where she shared that Heidi still has a tendency to be an embarrassing mom.

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“When she’s dropping me off at school, she turns the volume of the music super, super loud and it’s sort of like a line to get in and all the kids are just sort of all there. So, I open the door and she makes sure to turn the volume up all the way and starts singing and blasting, rolling down the windows, and I’m so embarrassed to get out of the car,” Leni shared. “So that’s definitely the most embarrassing. But she hasn’t done that in a while because of online school.”

Still, Leni let Heidi tag along with her on set, which Heidi said was “so much fun.”