Heidi Klum’s 16-year-old Daughter Graces the Cover of Glamour Magazine

20 years after her supermodel mom appeared on the cover of Glamour Germany, Leni Klum now 16 years old is following in Heidi's footsteps. The teen made her modeling debut alongside Heidi on the cover of Vogue Germany back in December. At the time, Heidi made it clear that her daughter's career in front of the camera

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Michael Kors: NY Fashion Week

The Michael Kors show at NY Fashion Week was all about being in love in the summer time. He even passed out notes to the models and stylists about the theme of the show, so everyone would be on the same page. And that theme was being in a convertible in the summer and feeling

Stars Without Makeup

Cameron Diaz Instagram Celebrities are known best for their glamorous looks on the red carpet but yes they are everyday people too who often get caught on camera without makeup. More and more celebrities are even posting and boasting about their "au natural" looks with "selfies" on Instagram and other social media outlets.

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