It’s no secret that the current pandemic has places the global marketplace at an unprecedented standstill, leaving questions of business practices up in the air, an a general worry of how to stay afloat.

One side of the coin offers up the fact that being at home with little to do has conjured up an online-shopping spree around the world like never before seen. This, however, still runs into the problem of stalls in production and manufacturing for all types of businesses, even outside of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

While some companies see this as a moment to reflect on current business practices and culture, certain business (i.e. indie brands) are focused on a more dire issue of keeping their businesses alive.

Along with issues of stalls in production and a general lack of business, brands face the challenge of self-quarantiners taking matters into their own hands, as a new movement of DIYs ranging from makeup, to hair, and even decorating and building has blossomed; this leaves a small, steady decline in the need to purchase ready-product.

As an independent company, Planet Fashion TV knows the work and ethic it takes to run and grow a successful business, so in the spirit of small businesses, here are some (ethical and sustainable, yay!) independent brands of beauty, fashion and lifestyle that you should support:

Alternative Apparel


Clean Faced Cosmetics


Kindred Black

Nudi Goods Cosmetics

People Tree

The Citizenry

The Dharma Door

Yay for Earth