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La importancia de apoyar el negocio local en este momento

En estos tiempos que estamos viviendo todos hemos sido impactados  de una manera u otra en como aprender a convivir con el COVID-19. Y quién se hubiera imaginado que las mascarillas serian el nuevo accesorio para todos los miembros de la familia para prevenir un contagio. De igual manera muchos comercios se han visto afectados

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Friends of Beauty Changes Lives Award $250K in Relief Grants

The beauty industry has always been essential to women throughout time and it has been one of teh hardest hit sectors of the economy due to quarantine. A while back we covered the development of financial relief grants created for beauty industry workers affected by job loss with Covid-19.  (link: https://www.planetfashiontv.com/beauty-industry-grants-supporting-covid-19-relief-efforts/) We are pliesed to

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How COVID-19 is Impacting Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle

It’s no secret that the current pandemic has places the global marketplace at an unprecedented standstill, leaving questions of business practices up in the air, an a general worry of how to stay afloat. One side of the coin offers up the fact that being at home with little to do has conjured up

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