For Charaf Tajer a trip for research at the rainbow state that was only supposed to last 9 days turned into a month long stay. Early in march when the world was still normal, Charaf decided to spend a few days in Hawaii to get inspired for he’s Casablanca SS21 mens collection.

Due to the rapid change of the world because of covid19 he was forced to extend his visit for over a month which he describes as “I took it as a gift. It wasn’t stressful at all,” I guess that there are worst places you could be stranded. This helped him much more as he got to experience Hawaii much more deeper that he expected. This gave way to the Spring Summer Mens wear collection that is inspired by the colorful views of Hawaii “Now I know why they call it the Rainbow State.” Charaf added.

The collection is full of color, a beautiful take on the Hawaiian shirt, Pearls (which are traditional to the brand) Tennis shorts and a new that on the classic leisure Suit.

watch the digital show here and let us know what look would you love to wear this summer.