By Ashanty Rivera

The Jaded London brand has captivated many of us Instagram shoppers, and TikTok scrollers.
With every new collection that they release, the brand continues to grow, and gain even more
popularity. As mentioned via their Instagram story, the brand teased some new Y2K approved
faux fur tracksuits, and I literally gasped. The Y2K era is by far one of the best in terms of style
and music. This tracksuit is extremely reminiscent of the era, so I am super excited to get it when
it drops, and of course, to see if it comes in other colors!

The tracksuit is a light brown tone, embellished with rhinestones, a fur-trimmed hood, and faux
fur-trimmed flared bottoms. Not only am I obsessed with the tracksuit as a whole, but the faux
fur accents are what really intrigued me about this tracksuit. I can definitely imagine the tracksuit
in a really cute bubblegum pink color, as well as chartreuse, black, and white. I am interested to
see what the tracksuit is priced at once it is released, but either way, I am definitely going to
purchase and live out my Y2K celebrity off-duty outfit dreams!