TMZ reported that multiple sources connected to Shayk and West told the outlet that the two “been together for months, seeing each other as early as March,” TMZ wrote. “In fact, one of the new couple’s prior hangout sessions happened in New York City in late April, when Kanye was there for DMX’s celebration of life.”

E! had a vague timeline from its source. “They have been seeing each other for several weeks,” the source said. “Kanye has been flying in and out of New York to be with her.”

A source close to West explained that he and Shayk actually have known each other for a long time. “Kanye and Irina have known each other for years through the fashion industry. They were connected through their mutual friend group and Riccardo Tisci.”

A separate source explained the origin of West and Shayk’s new romance and how causal it is. That source maintained it has only really been going for the last month: “Kanye and Irina connected recently when they were both in New York City,” the source said. “They met up one night and had chemistry and hit it off. It’s very casual and they have only been in touch for about a month. Kanye has expressed he doesn’t want anything serious, but likes Irina’s vibe.”