Kat’s Naturals, a new line of CBD-based anti-aging skincare product, will be showcased during Planet Fashion’s 2019 Swim Week at the Surfcomber Hotel. Leading in the world of Hemp, CBD oil extracts and formulations, Kats Naturals is quickly becoming the most trusted brand in the fast-moving CBD products and services industry.

The brand has thus announced the pre-launch of Fhēnix Skin Care, serving as a natural alternative by harnessing luxurious organic ingredients. The line reduces bacteria levels, locks in moisture and protects the youthful appearance of the skin. Katherine Merryfield, the founder of Kats Naturals CBD hemp company, has said “The Fhēnix Skin Care represents renewal and rejuvenation much like the mythological bird that inspires its name. This advancement in CBD beauty is another step in our quest to be the most trusted CBD products brand.” With 18 months of extensive research and development, the skin care line illustrates the unique combination between CBD skin health and high-end beauty care.

In addition, the 20 years of experience together has allowed the formulation of lotions and skin care products that represents yet another success for Merryfield and her sister, JonAnn Sorensen. The cannabidiol, or CBD, is particularly important for the maintenance of healthy skin due to the high levels of essential fatty acids. The CBD also includes an anti-inflammatory benefit that can help reduce redness and soothes skin if inflamed. The Fhēnix skincare line will be available as four initial products, offering all infused with varying amounts of CBD including an Anti-fatigue Eye Cream, Daytime Protective Cream, Nighttime Repair Cream and a Hydrating Mask. To assure top quality, Kats Naturals certifies its portfolio three times for potency, purity and profiles.

Written By: Camila Godoy