By: Cordejha Lewis

The American rock band Kings of Leon, generated $2million from non-fungible token (NFT)
sales from their latest album When You See Yourself. Kings of Leon became one of the first bands
to release an album in the form of an NFT. Released on the NFT marketplace Yellow Heart,
When You See Yourself broke barriers. Its historic impact on music was exacerbated due to the
album’s exclusive nature. Collectors were able to bid on one of the several unique pieces that
included a $50 exclusive NFT collectible and limited-edition Golden Eye Vinyl. The drop also
featured six golden ticket experiences, offering fans four front row seats, each tour, to the show
of their choosing., anywhere in the world, FOR LIFE! All of the proceeds were donated to Live
Nations Crew Fund. Kings of Leon, with this album, unveiled the perfect pairing of NFTs and
the music industry.
The music industry has long held a close relationship to NFTs. In fact, elements like songs,
lyrics, soundbites, and albums are all considered to be non-fungible tokens.The Kings of Leon,
released the first ever NFT album, When You See Yourself. The band announced in early 2021
that they would be releasing a non-fungible based album. The album was released for a two
week period, however after the two week period, no more copies would be made. The album
remained on sale until March 19 on the NFT marketplace Yellow Heart. Coinciding with this
historic step, The Kings of Leon generated a large amount of success with their endeavor. The
album quickly became one of the most successful wide-scale use of NFTs within the music
industry to date. It’s safe to say that the band’s impact has been instrumental in formulating an
entirely new template for releasing content and music to fans.