By Ashanty Rivera

Motorcycle jackets have been popular since the 50s’, with actors like Marlon Brando sporting
them on the big screen and motorcycle gangs rising. In the early 2000s’, we saw a different kind
of motorcycle jacket gain popularity. The collarless leather motorcycle jackets were everywhere,
and recreated by some of the most iconic 2000s’ brands such as Baby Phat and Rocawear. Now
that thrifting and secondhand shopping has become more of a better way to shop for most
people, especially the environmentally conscious, more and more people are finding these
vintage gems, such as these jackets. These jackets are so cool and super easy to style whichever
way you prefer, whether it is more dressed up, or classic and casual.

These jackets would definitely be a cute addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Even if you have a
couple of leather jackets in your closet already, adding a unique jacket like this can easily spice
up your collection. If you’re a fan of all things Y2K, and you want to achieve this kind of style
for the new year, try investing in one of these babies to help you! If you find one that’s brand
new, great! But remember, check your local thrift stores and consignment shops too, because you
never know what is in store!