By Alexandra Lekas

Netflix is slowly beginning to enter the fashion world.

Netflix announced Wednesday that it will open its first-ever pop-up shop this Saturday, giving fans an immersive experience inspired by their hit TV show, Stranger Things. Fans will be able to experience the show’s “Upside Down” world with exclusive merchandise and interactive photo moments.

In a press statement, the head of experiences at Netflix, Greg Lombardo, said, “We are always looking for new and innovative ways to let ‘Stranger Things’ fans see themselves more in the show they love… This first ‘Stranger Things’ store sends them right into the heart of Hawkins, in a truly immersive retail experience, totally stoked with ’80s vibes and the chance to take home a piece of their favorite show with unique merchandise that isn’t available anywhere else. But be warned, you never know when things will turn upside down.”

The store will feature many sets from the show, including Hawkin’s Middle School’s Snowball Dance, Joyce’s house, and the Palace Arcade (where fans can actually play games). This is Netflix’s first retail venture and, based on the expected attendance of this pop-up, it certainly won’t be their last.

You can get first-look of the Stranger Things pop-up on Saturday, November 6, in New York City and Los Angeles. Register for a spot here: