By Ashanty Rivera

Many of us have trouble finding new hairstyles to try out that are simple and easy to learn within minutes. If you’re anything like me, then you probably understand what that feels like- especially when you know people that are able to do such cute and trendy hairstyles with little to no difficulty. Well that’s about to change, since this new hairstyle is about to change the way we do our hair for now on. The Lara Croft braid- I have been seeing it all over my Instagram & Pinterest and I simply cannot get enough.

Even if you’re hair is not long enough for the look, you can easily order some extensions to give off that long vibe, or just do it with you’re normal hair length. This hairstyle is also perfect for any look, whether it is a party look or a dressed-down look for the gym! Will you be trying out this hairstyle anytime soon? Let us know if you do!