By: Katelyn Criner

The 2020 Olympics are among us at last. The Olympic Ceremony kicked off on Friday, July 23rd, attracting 16.7 million US viewers. Per usual, we HAVE to talk about some of the highlights and what the athletes were wearing.

Starting the night off, singer-songwriter named Misia sang the the Japanese national anthem, “Kimi Ga Yo.” Misia wore a couture gown designed by Tomo Koizumi. The dress is seen above; it’s rainbow-colored with an ombre and cotton candy-like texture. The Internet, especially Twitter users, fell in love with this dress.

Team USA made their entrance to the opening ceremonies wearing Ralph Lauren navy blazers and trousers. They wore a Breton Striped skirt with a American flag neck scarf, and each had a custom-made mask. They sported a classic, preppy American look.

The Colombian team honored Japanese culture while adding a touch of their own to their opening ceremony attire. The athletes wore a traditional Japanese Kimono which featured flowers and stripes. The kimono was colored red, blue and yellow, drawing ties to their Colombian roots.

Team Liberia turned heads as they walked into the ceremony wearing one of the hottest brands at the moment–Telfar. A black-owned business with the tagline, “It’s not for you – it’s for everyone” saw a quick rise in popularity in 2020. The brand has also designed unisex uniforms for the athletes for the Olympic Games.

It’s exciting that the Olympics are full force ahead, and we will continue to tune in for both the athletic events, and for the attire!

Who wore your favorite opening ceremony look? Comment below and let us know what you think!