Emrata and Harry Styles: a spring fling under Tokyo skies

By: Zsófi Benyi Emily Ratakowski is rewriting old narratives: as the single power mom, model-turned-author, and podcaster every week, she delivers fruits for thought on the High Low pod while serving the hottest looks on runways and red carpets. She is not stopping at the fruitful career or her adorable 2-year-old's puppy-themed birthday: Emily's so


By: Katelyn Criner The 2020 Olympics are among us at last. The Olympic Ceremony kicked off on Friday, July 23rd, attracting 16.7 million US viewers. Per usual, we HAVE to talk about some of the highlights and what the athletes were wearing. Starting the night off, singer-songwriter named Misia sang the the Japanese

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Jazz in Tokyo

Jazz has a trendy underground appeal in Tokyo. It gained popularity after the World War 2. At this point some of the biggest jazz musicians in the world are coming from Japan now. In today's Japanese culture jazz clubs are kind of an alternative thing to do for young hipsters. They have the cache of

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