Pixação is the hot new graffiti style coming straight out of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in Brazil. It’s tagging done using cryptic styles and basically has its own complete writing style. Many pixação artists, also known as pixadores, work by doin free climbing and abseiling to paint in crazy high places. If you like this style you should really check out artists like Os Gêmeos and Nunca.

Pixação became popular in the 1980 and spread all over the cities in the 1990s and 2000s. Pixação done with spray cans or with latex paint and rollers. São Paulo’s pixação has its own flavor called tag reto) which refers to the straight line style of the writing. Pixadores tag just about any factory or abandoned building.

pixacao 3

What are pixadores really after? Mostly its the fame. Tagging tall buildings is dangerous and difficult and is considered as an urban sport in a way. Also while many people like graffiti most people see Pixação as just vandalism. This also gives the pixadores excitement and desire to continue with their work.

Most people seem to be really closed mind when is comes to figuring out what is graffiti and what is not. But this will probably change as soon as some art gallery decides it is trendy! This will problem happen in the near future but for right now you can just enjoy it in its native habitat.

What’s your take on Pixação? Is it art or is it an abomination? You decide!