By Ashanty Rivera

Cargo jeans have become everyones new favorite trend to style, and if you have not seen Bella
Hadid in a pair of these on you’re Pinterest feeds yet, you definitely will come across one
eventually, and it may or may not convince you to buy yourself a pair! These jeans are super
useful and very crucial to any streetwear-esque wardrobe! You can pair these cargo jeans with
any style top- from basic and cropped to big and graphic, and even a dressier top too if you want
to give off that type of vibe.

You can get cargo jeans literally anywhere now- since they are super popular. One of my favorite
brands to shop that is affordable, and good quality is H&M. They have many different versions
of cargo jeans, ranging in price from as low as $17.99, to $59.99.

Cargo Pant’s From H&M

Whether you choose to scoop yourself a pair from Urban Outfitters, Shein, or even try looking at
you’re local thrift stores, definitely get into the trend. Trust me, you will not regret it.