Photo Credit: REBOOT anti-aging antioxidant

Sports drinks are so 5 years ago. Did you know vitamin enhanced waters
loose most of there vitamins after only a few hours? The great minds
of Rebootizer have created a revolutionary way to eliminate that
problem. Rebootizer is a powerful antioxidant drink that’s made from
plant and fruit extract, like licorice root, dandelion, lemon balm
leaf and artichoke flower. The blend is kept separate from the 2 fl oz
of water in a “MixPak”. When you are ready to drink, you just mix the
water and powder by squeezing the bottom of the pouch. Shake well and
then drink. Drink Rebootizer before bed, after a night of partying and you’ll wake up
without a hangover.

The product is also great to drink after a strenuous workout to help
eliminate toxins and to prevent the after-effects of muscle soreness.
The ingredients of Rebootizer helps detoxify your body without
starving yourself.

Created from 8 years of research at a Swiss laboratory, the selection
process is exclusively of plants and purified water. The “MixPak” is
easy and convenient for travel or to slip into your purse.