Local Miami Designer René Mejia gave us an unexpected collaboration with artist Brett Loving for Art Basel.

Art Basel 2021 came at full swing after a year of absence since the pandemic. With some of the best artists flying into Miami to present their work at one of the biggest art conventions in the world. Collaborations are common during this week of art and fashion, but the collaboration with Local Miami Designer Rene Mejia and New York Artist Brett Loving is something else to see. The collaboration took place on December 1st at the Grit by Design Event in Wynwood.

As Designer René Mejia shared to his Instagram a short video about the experience saying “It was a Crazy cool experience”. The dress that was painted by artist Brett belongs to René’s very first collection that was presented in 2016 in New York Fashion Week which holds a very dear place in his work as a designer as it was the same dress that one of his models wore alongside him in his final walk at the end of his fashion show, that was later featured in Harpers Bazaar China.

Brett Loving is an abstract Artist that creates his work using a 42.000 lbs Excavator to create large scaled 3 Dimensional Paintings, Steel Sculptures and interactive Earth Art Installation. Yes, an excavator if you don’t believe it, see the video below to see his work process as well as some of his paintings. 

The finished product of this collaboration was a beautiful couture gown splattered with a soft palette of colors and an unreplicable pattern on satin that is truly a one of a kind work of art.