By Ashanty Rivera

There are a million things we adore about the 2000s’, the music, the artists, the movies and TV
shows – and most importantly, the fashion. The fashion in the iconic TV shows in particular had
us all hooked. Gossip Girl was a hit TV series that was released in 2007, and has gained a cult
following as one of the most iconic shows in fashion history. From the preppy style to the
punk-fashion touches, the show was definitely a style guide for us to follow. Here are some of
the key fashion lessons that we learned from Gossip Girl. First things first, the preppy style will
always be a classic. It does not matter if it includes plaid everything, loafers with high socks, or
thick headbands to keep that hair sleek and out of the way. The next fashion lesson that GG
taught us was to always go for a statement piece, whether it be a houndstooth printed coat or a
bold color shirt, statement pieces are always the answer. Perhaps one of my favorite lessons that
GG taught me is to over-accessorize. According to Serena and Blair, the more accessories, the
better the outfit. This next fashion lesson might trigger some of you, however – you should never
be afraid to take a risk and mix a print or two. Just ask Blair Waldorf!

The next fashion lesson is extremely relevant to today’s trends, and that is to always sport an
oversized bag whenever you get the chance. The last fashion lesson that Gossip Girl taught us
that we should follow, especially in the fall- is to go for a colored stocking. Whether you’re
sitting on the steps of the MET or walking to the nearest high-fashion retailer, colored stockings
are an absolute essential. We hope you enjoyed this little guide, and, as always, you know you
love us!
XOXO, Planet Fashion TV