Photo credit : Pastrovich Studio

Bigger does not always mean better but in the case of these giant toys for the rich and famous, bigger is better! If you haven’t heard of superyachts then you need to get acquainted with these fabulous toys as they are filled with luxury and will simply blow your mind! Superyachts have become the symbol of status among the wealthy thanks to the fact that they are custom built to fit the buyer’s specifications and are a luxury only a very few can afford.

In recent years the most luxurious superyachts have been designed and bought up by billionaires. There are no limits to the creative imaginations of the ship builders as they are more than happy to see the designs come to life.

super yacht

So what are the most luxurious superyachts out there today? there are many different yachts all with their different concepts but a recent eye-catching concept was a superyacht known as the Streets of Monaco designed to mimic the Monaco experience. The design comes complete with outdoor areas, a race track, luxurious pools and more. The best part is that it is your own private playground so that you will only have the space to yourself and your guests to enjoy.

Despite prices being in the millions of dollars, you can find superyachts for sale online. However it just might be more enjoyable to shop in person as you can get a private tour of many vessels from brokers and ship builders. What is better than to experience luxury in person, but only if you can afford it!