Là Fuori the premium sustainable lifestyle brand has a unique aesthetic while focusing on supporting artisan cultures and empowering women.

Là Fuori released a successful debut collection of handcrafted, Vietnamese-inspired apparel; Stories of Sapa. With rich palettes, delicate textiles and exotic traditions the Stories of Sapa come to life. The collection features rich bamboo textiles and extravagant luxury regional silks that are curated from scratch and hand manufactured by the artisans living in Sapa, Vietnam.

Designer, Vidur Adlakha’s mission is to bring to the spotlight the artisan women behind the brand that is La Fuori. His vision is to bring to the women of the world a collection with traditional and contemporary creations that reflect culture, passion and individualism.

Là Fuori presents ancient traditions infused with an ultra-modern spirit. They bring a fresh take on sustainable and ethical fashion.

See more of Là Fuori here: www.belafuori.com