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Summertime is coming and you need a wardrobe makeover? No worries! Swapdom makes it easy to trade no-longer-needed fashion, kids’ gear, and home goods for unbelievably awesome items.
Using an algorithm, Swapdom finds swaps for you based on your requests and offers—no negotiation needed!

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How does this site work?  In short, you post an item you no longer want, find an item on the site you do want and request an exchange.  The site’s tagline, “Waste not, want lots”, says it all.

The advantage of Swapdom over a local online yardsaling site?  It’s not local.  It’s not limited by location at all, actually.  And there is no money exchange.  You post an item, indicate what you are willing to trade for it, and Swapdom finds matches within their network to get you what you want.

There is no person-to-person limiting.  Have a kids’ backpack you want to unload, but craving a JCrew cross-body bag?  Swapdom can make it happen. With the power of their nation-wide network, they aren’t limited to in-person matches. They can create swap circles, so a whole group of people can get something they are looking for through one swap.

Where else can you trade for awesome products without the hassle of organizing a multi-level trade? Nowhere else but Swapdom!