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Iris Van Herpen the Futuristic Flower

Iris Van Herpen once again has shown her innovation in design. Her latest collection has one-of-a-kind gowns achieved using 3D printing technology. Her one-off pieces are couture, exclusive and unique. They are fit to a specific customer and made of the finest materials by hand. She has also made them sustainable. For spring, the Dutch couturier collaborated with Parley for

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Eli Saab 2020 Fall Haute Couture

In the event that there can be a fashion antitoxin for extraordinary and sad occasions, Elie Saab has a thought or, rather, 48—every one planned as a high fashion love letter and message of want to his old neighborhood of Beirut, in the entirety of its delightful multifaceted nature. Consistent with what the fashioner's

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Maison Margiela Co-Ed Collection Spring-Summer 2021 | S.W.A.L.K. II

Demonstrating the pith of constructing garments whereas showing what they really are and at constant time conjury fanciful scenes from a designer’s mind could be a vast achievement. All the terms that John cordial has been speaking regarding stormily for years—“creative process,” “teams,” “themes,” “inspirations,” “techniques”—are suddenly created visible and explicable, delivered to life

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