LGNC 2024 Spring Summer collection “Endless Heat”

LGNC is a Parisian brand of ready to wear and accessories designed by Antoine Le Glaunec, established in 2022. LGNC has just unveiled its new collection «Endless Heat». Le Glaunec has tried to create a collection that represents a utopian world. The theme was a  women’s wardrobe evolving through a world in the throes of

Rene Mejia At Paris Fashion Week

  https://youtu.be/mOXsVmIMf-w?si=rFyVH0sCjB_FcuNG   One of Planet Fashion's very own has branched off to launch an incredible new endeavor. Rene Mejia who is a fashion expert in many ways will be showing his latest collection at Paris Fashion Week. This momentous event marks a significant milestone in the brand's journey and represents a bold step towards

Juana Martin at Paris Couture Fashion Week

Oh, what an exhilarating experience it was to witness the unveiling of Juana Martin's mesmerizing FW23-24 collection! Picture this: it's Thursday, July 6th, and the clock strikes noon, setting the stage for a fashion extravaganza like no other. Juana Martin, the talented Spanish designer, took us on an emotional rollercoaster as she drew inspiration from

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