Maison Margiela Fall 2021

Galliano has been a story-teller, a stream-of-consciousness creator since his very beginnings as a student who made his first historically-inspired French Revolution collection, Les Incroyables, in 1984. Images and self-imagined characters who connect the past with the present have stimulated and preoccupied him for his entire career. In 2021, finally, he’s seized the opportunity

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Pyer Moss Fall 2021

As Jean-Raymond tells it, the concept itself was crystalized in an ayahuasca-induced reverie. “We did the ceremony as a team out in Joshua Tree back in March,” he explained. “And that same morning we’d had a call with Kering when the discussion about applying to be on the haute couture schedule came up.” Little

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Alexander McQueen Mens Fall 2021

This Alexander McQueen collection contained so many brushstrokes of nuance and reference that you were left itching to hear the design rationale behind them unstitched. Sarah Burton’s team is well-prepped, welcoming, and good eggs in general, yet seeing a collection as rich as this without that creator’s take seems like listening to a song

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