Celebs as Ordinary People: PhotoShop Artist Gives Stars ‘Make-Unders’

Frustrated about how over-retouched all the celebrity pictures are, New York-based artist Danny Evans decided to retouched them in a photo series called  Celebrities Make Under What would our beloved Hollywood stars look like without all their glamour? We’ve seen some accidental shots of girls with no make-up or guys with a massive hangover, but the

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Lea Dunham : The Anti-Heroine

Lena Dunham is cool and gifted—and she's not afraid to bare it all. Love her or hate her, the multifaceted Lena Dunham has mucho guts. In a troubling American zeitgeist—characterized by a frail economy, young graduates who still live with their parents, a disillusioned middle class that's lost all trust in Wall Street, and the

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