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Most of what you’ll find on the Internet regarding celebrities is gossip, gossip, gossip.

But we also like to put the realms of film, TV, and celebrities into context, simply reveal stars without makeup, or offer fun-to-read pieces that dig deeper into celebrity culture, such as an analysis into why Lena Dunham is so popular now or how House of Cards has magnetized even viewers who aren’t into politics.

Angelina Jolie Rents House next to Drake

Angelina Jolie, who filed divorce from Brad Pitt in late September, has rented a large mansion in the celebrity saturated Hidden Hills. The house is in the guard-gated community in the affluent far western suburbs of Los Angeles. The house is currently owned by Charlie Sheen’s second ex-wife Denise Richards. The property was purchased by the former [...]

Toni Basil Is Still The Sh*t

In the feel good news of the day. Toni Basil rocks! No really. Toni Basil, the early '80s cupid doll who had the hyped up cheer/song  “Mickey” is a serious role model for how to age spectacularly.  Her song  Micky was released in 1982. She turned 73 on September 22 and she released a video of herself [...]

Yao Chen: Is She The Most Influential Woman In The World

Ok you've probably never heard of this woman. Actually none of us in the office had heard of her until last week, but in China Yao Chen is a massive online star. She has 71 million followers on weibo. Weibo is China's version of twitter. 71 million people is larger than the entire population of Britain. Her influence is [...]