By Ashanty Rivera

As many of us know, trends are forever circling back into the fashion world. We have been
seeing a resurgence of Y2K since 2018, and it is still going strong. Lately, the 80s’ have been
back in style too, with bold bright colors and patterns showing up on the runway and in many
clothing designs from bands. One of the 80s’ trends that have been coming in hot is shoulder
pads. Now you might be thinking to yourself, “shoulder pads, really?” and the answer is yes,
really. Shoulder pads, today, are much cooler than you might remember. Some are bigger and
much more structured, and some are much more subtle for those who are on the fence.

Like any trend, there are going to be some fans and those who would rather see the trend in the
garbage- not on the runway. This trend is definitely worth trying out, and if you need some
options to help guide you on your shoulder pad journey, do not worry. Places like Nasty Gal and
Zara have cheap options that will also be of good quality. But if you are like me and you really
do not like to splurge on anything over $30 for a trend you may or may not be unsure about, then
the thrift store is the answer for you, and you might even find a piece that is actually from the
80s’. So what do you think, are shoulder pads a do, or a don’t?