By Ashanty Rivera

Home and room decor is an essential part of creating an aesthetic space that fits your personality,
and personal style. I have recently been obsessed with coffee table books. Not just any boring old
coffee table books, but books that would actually make me want to pick them up and read them
with a cup of coffee. I know that there are others out there who love a good coffee table book as
much as I do, so there is no doubt that you would also enjoy some fashion-related coffee table
books as well. Good places to find coffee table books include HomeGoods, Amazon, Pottery
Barn, & many more. But for those who want to know some good recommendations to buy as
soon as possible, here are some that are very well known, and would look amazing on any color,
size, or shaped coffee table.

The first recommendation is the Little Guides to Style boxset that includes the Little Book of
Chanel, Little Book of Dior, Little Book of Gucci, and the Little Book of Prada. These books tell
the stories of the four iconic fashion houses, so it is safe to say it would be a good read for my
fashion lovers out there. The next book recommendation is In Vogue: An Illustrated History of
the World’s Most Famous Fashion Magazine. This book is perfect because of its aesthetic look,
and the contents inside. This book goes into detail on one of the most well-known fashion
publications in the world, so it is definitely a good read. Some other great coffee table books
include Dior: Couture, Fashion, New Edition: The Definitive Visual Guide, and one of my
personal favorites, Vivienne Westwood: The Complete Collections (Catwalk). Any and all of
these coffee table books would be a great addition to your collection or the perfect start to one!