By Ashanty Rivera

Accessories are a girl’s best friend, and this year, the accessories trends have been popping off.
Chunky jewelry and big pendant necklaces have been on the rise, more specifically the heart
pendant necklaces that have been all over. Brands and designers like Saint Laurent, Lisa Says
Gah, and Annika Inez has created their versions of these trendy heart necklaces. While they are
super cute, they are also pretty pricey. Not to worry, that’s what we are here for. You can make
these yourself from supplies like charms and rope necklaces either purchased at your local craft
stores, or at you’re nearest thrift stores. Celebrities like Bella Hadid have already approved and
worn this type of necklace, so if you were looking for a sign to grab one or DIY one, you got it!

These necklaces can easily be worn with anything from a chill oversized sweatsuit with sneakers,
to a more dressed-up look that you wear on a night out on the town with your best friends! It can
also be a great gift for any of your friends or family members who love fashion and accessories,
as well as statement pieces in general. Vivienne Westwood’s pearl necklaces have taken the
number one spot as far as necklaces go for quite some time now, but I think it might have some
competition with these new chunky/puffy heart pendant necklaces! Will you be buying or
making one of these cute necklaces?