Marcus Wainwright the founder and creative director at Rag and Bone has made a collection that is one of the most wearable of the season. For a long time fashion collections have been designed with an over the top aesthetic that was great for an editorial photo or shock value on the runway and not real-life wearability. “There’s a chasm between what works in a big way online and the old runway collection idea,” Wainwright has said.

The latest Rag and Bone collection consists of denim, camouflage, relaxed day wear and English tailoring. These are easy clothes aimed at a younger demographic. Wainwright believes the experience of the pandemic will permanently change how the Rag & Bone customer gets dressed, in terms of comfort. Constructed of knitted wool, a blazer wears like a cardigan; shirts are half poplin, half jersey. The lookbook begins and ends with swimwear. Optimism is the brand ethos. “It assumes people will be in the sunshine,” Wainwright confirmed.