By Ashanty Rivera

We all know a good dupe is like a good Big Mac from McDonald’s- a cheap, satisfying, and
unhealthy addiction. Well, if you were trying to steer clear of designer dupes, this is probably not
the article for you, however, you might want to keep it on your open tabs for future reference! If
any of you follow Kim Kardashian or any fashion influencer, you might have seen the trending
silver Balenciaga wrap-around sunglasses that go for over $300. Amazon has plenty of dupes for
this pair of sunglasses, but the cheapest one is the GUVIVI brand dupes for only $10.

Amazon also has a dupe for the Dior sunglasses seen on stars and fashion icons such as Saweetie
for only $15.99, as opposed to the $479 Dior price. Some other designer sunglass dupes include
the Collusion green sunglasses from ASOS that are $16, in comparison to the extremely similar
green Bottega Veneta sunglasses that go for over $400. Whether or not you have been fiending
for some new designer dupes to add to your collection, we hope this article gave you some
inspiration to help save you money, and keep you fashionable!