The Cannes Film Festival is always full of surprises where else can you run in to celebrities from every nation, from opera stars to actresses, super models, to royal families all in place, in one week!!

Cannes is also the place for the best parties. I ended up at a party for the production company Sea Star Films, the producers of Planet Fashion TV. It was held at the Carlton Hotel, and was a formal sunset cocktail with a couture fashion show.
In attendance were some royals from both Sweden and Germany. Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Princess Elna Margaret zu Bentheim were seen sipping a new sparkling rose wine called “Sexy”. This new wine seemed to be a big hit, several models and actresses were seen holding the bottles of the sexy wine and posing with it in i-phone pictures, you know to show that they were “Sexy”. Ha.

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The fashion show was a mix from several international designers, including Olena Dats from Ukraine, Sophie Reyes from France, Athea Couture from Milan and Nicole Coste from Monaco. The Nicole Coste that had the child with Prince Albert of Monaco, out of wedlock, which also happens to be the only male heir. Then there was a feature from the famous designer Claude Bonucci who has designed for male celebrities including the singer Prince. Bonucci has even designed for the James Bond movies. He sent a glorious gold suit down the runway on male supermodel Myc Agnew, you may know him from the Gucci ads.

Also in attendance was one of the founders of Google, Marcel Van Lohuizen, as well as a smattering of American and British celebrities. The party was in honor of a new film that Sea Star Films released at Cannes, a documentary about the largest wedding planner in the world. He’s a Japanese man named Yoshi Nojiri, and he was the youngest person in Japan to take a company public. In the gift bag among anti-aging creams and wine decanters were copies of the movie trailer for “The Ultimate Wedding Planner Movie.”