Wow. Valentino has come alive with their latest collection. Their resort 2021 is one of the most chic releases of the summer. The collection instantly takes you away. It tells a story; a runaway heiress in southern Europe, perhaps a stylish global wanderer. his collection creates a mood and the look book they release of the collection frames it perfectly. 

The creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli spent the lockdown in his hometown of Nettuno, Italy. The resort collection is the byproduct of the time spent alone drawing and painting, while remaining connected with his team. Going full circle in the creative process, he photographed the collection himself, and used his longtime friend, the model Mariacarla Boscono. “I wanted to convey spontaneity and truth, even imperfection—but it’s the feel of human imperfection you long for right now,” he explained. “The collection was born out of flat drawings—paper and pencil, no styling, no mood board, just researching on paper shapes that linger in your head. A pure fashion process, as it should be done.”

This collection really shows the Italian style DNA. It’s effortless.

“I can’t bear the idea of exclusivity,” Piccioli has said. “What I like is uniqueness. I believe fashion has to make us dream, engaging us with its emotional narrative,” Piccioli goes on. “But there must be awareness of what’s behind it and of the values it represents. Dreams and lightness, yes—but superficiality, no.”