(Murano glass)

On a summer trip to Italy in August we got a chance to visit the picturesque and romantic Venice. The Grand Canal flows into the city center of Piazza San Marco where we arrived via a classic private water taxi. Saint Mark’s Basilica, the Clock Tower and several statues adoring other surrounding buildings are majestic. The winged lions are known as the symbol of Saint Mark. Inside the square are many outdoor cafes and boutiques. Of course all of the top Italian designers have a presence there but what caught my eye the most are the home decor shops with the famous hand blown Murano glass (as seen above).

The multi colored glass is made into chandeliers, vases, bowls, sculptures, miniature figurines, wine goblets, perfume bottles, beaded jewelry and even Christmas ornaments. There is definitely a souvenir to be bought for anyone. On the Rialto Bridge are several other boutiques that sell the ornate masks used during Carnival. Some of the masks are made of porcelain and other of delicate lace. Italian cuisine and wines from the region are what we indulged in the most. The seafood risotto’s, and other pastas melted in my mouth with their rich creamy flavors. The “Vino Rosso” tasted heavenly.


Amarone is my personal favorite red wine. Prosecco, Pinot Grigio and Valpolicella all have vineyards available for tasting tours not too far outside the city. The fall season is harvest season and si si that means another reason to return to beloved Italy. Arrivederci for now! If you’d like to see some of my other travels you can follow me via or Instagram handle “Jennlik”.