By Ashanty Rivera

Have you ever gone into your Instagram and saw a collage outfit that instantly made you
screenshot it or check out the pieces included and tagged? That is what many of us have been
seeing since the virtual styling trend first began. I myself started noticing these virtual outfits
being made in late 2018 and decided to give it a try in early 2019. It was a fun way to practice
putting outfits together in a virtual way, and with whatever pieces I wanted whether I can
actually afford them or not!

I gained over 5,000 followers in less than 4 months and even started to get paid by brands for
promoting their pieces, and by people who wanted some styling inspiration for a certain event, or
just to help them style a certain piece. The virtual styling business is one that is definitely going
to keep growing as fashion, especially social media fashion, is always an important form of
inspiration for us who need a little bit here and there!