By Ashanty Rivera

Sunglasses are essential, whether used for functionality purposes, or purely for style, everyone
needs at least one pair in their wardrobes. Now, you may not be hip to every trend or fashion
forward accessories that come out every year or so. No worries, that’s why we’re here! Cyber
sunglasses are the sunglasses that were all the rage in the late 90s’ and the early 2000s’. These
include rimless sunglasses, metallic sunglasses, and even the Oakley sunglasses your dad may or
may not have rocked back when you were 8. These have been making a comeback since 2019,
with the rise of Cyber Y2K fashion. One of my favorite things about this trend is that you can
find these kinds of sunglasses anywhere, from your local thrift stores to your local gas stations
and Dollar Tree locations.

Brands and retailers such as Jaded London, H&M, Bottega Veneta, Prada, and even Amazon
have some cyber sunglasses options for you to shop, depending on your price range. Overall,
whether you’re a sunglasses person or not, investing in a classic pair, a funky pair, or a cyber
Y2K pair might get your feet a little bit more wet into the big sea we call fashion. I cannot stress
this enough- sunglasses are an absolute must have!