This year a new youngest billionaire has made the list according to the latest data from Forbes. Latest year Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, a co-founder at Facebook, was at the top of the list. The new youngest billionaire is a 24 year old woman known as Perenna Kei of Hong Kong. She has earned her wealth through inheritance.

Her father is Ji Haipeng, the chairman and CEO of Logan Property Holdings, where Kei current acts as a non-executive director in the company. The company has a main focus on property development for residential properties. There are also other subsidiaries of the company based in China.

According to the data, Kei’s net worth is estimated to be about $1.3 billion because of the fact that she has a large stake in her father’s company. To date, journalists have not be able to find a photo of Kei that can be verified because she remains very secretive.

perenna-kei (1)

As far as other members of the youngest billionaires club, Yoshikazu Tanaka, found of the social networking gaming company, Gree has made the list. Dropbox founder, Drew Houston, has made the list. Many of the list members including Scott Duncan, Yang Huiyan and others have made the list because of the inherited wealth or stakes that they hold in family businesses.

Together the 39 youngest people that make up the list of the 2014 billionaires have amassed a net worth of $115.7 billion. These people can be found around the globe. Other notable names such as the founders of Google who are Sergey Brin and Larry Page have exited the list as the youngest because they have now crossed over into their forties.