LGNC is a Parisian brand of ready to wear and accessories designed by Antoine Le Glaunec, established in 2022.

LGNC has just unveiled its new collection «Endless Heat».

Le Glaunec has tried to create a collection that represents a utopian world. The theme was a  women’s wardrobe evolving through a world in the throes of climate disruption. Far from being a depressing depiction of reality, the brand is  sustainable and tries to perpetuate positive codes through materials and cuts. Especially in our current climate, their motto: “STREET CARE” makes perfect sense.

Comfort, protection and retro futurism ; they had the desire to create timeless garments to complete their last capsule collection «24h on a burning earth».

The brand has a saying that describes its style: “Mix past and future and make it timeless”.
LGNC is a retro futuristic brand with the main code: Protection. We see the garment as something that heals people.