Have you ever noticed that when you you see someone coughing your natural reaction is to move away, even before coronavirus became a thing. Obviously you do not want to catch their virus. There is also the reality that even just looking at illness, watching sick people can make you feel a little ill. As we’ve mentioned before thoughts have power. 

Where your attention goes energy flows. It is therefore irresponsible of media to do panic inducing non-stop negative coverage of the coronavirus.

Yes we need to be aware, but we do not need doomsday around the clock coverage.

You can’t watch a channel, look at social media or read an article without being inundated with a message that the world is coming to the end as we know it due to coronavirus.

Yet media will always tend towards drama. We all know this.

With that in mind, it is up to each person to be responsible for their own state of mind. This is the time to control the messages that you allow in to your life and to control the thoughts that you allow to take precedence through out your day. Realize at all times that thoughts manifest reality. Perhaps it’s best to keep yourself calm and think about thoughts of health. Distract yourself from the onslaught of negative coverage with something else. Think about something that makes you happy.

Coronavirus has killed 5,000 people in the world so far. It may not be a fair comparison to the flu which kills 290,000 to 650,000 people per year globally.

We don’t know what the numbers for the year will ultimately be in terms of deaths and recoveries from coronavirus. We do know that coronavirus spreads easily and quickly, which is reason for concern. We know that it is a strain of the common cold, it is also related to the more serious SARS and MERS viruses.

Based on what we do know should the fear that is engulfing the world be so palpable? Does this fear bring healing or does this paranoid hyper-focus on sickness and death bring the opposite of healing. Doesn’t it just feel wrong, doesn’t it make your insides turn to watch panic is real time. Panic is never productive.

There are people who have recovered from this virus. 

Where is the non-stop coverage about the recoveries, which by the way outnumber the deaths.

Is there some global ulterior motive for the coverage of this virus, for the lockdown on the world? Why wasn’t America shut down as the opioid crisis grew to destroy families. Even now opioid overdoses kill 70,000 people each year in the United States alone. This is ongoing. Do these deaths matter as much as the 60 people that have died in the US by coronavirus at this writing? Where is the panic?

This comparison is not to question the seriousness of the coronavirus. We mention this only for you to carefully analyze the narrative. Think about it and ask yourself does it make sense to you?

Listen to Aunt Coco. Think for yourself!

The Science of the virus:

Viruses are infectious particles. They are noncellular infectious entities. They are intracellular parasites that reproduce in a living host cell and use the host cell’s biosynthetic mechanism to direct its virus particles. They are very small and are only visible under the electron microscope. Viruses are pathogenic nucleoproteins which can infect almost all types of living organisms including, animals, plants, protozoa, fungi, and bacteria. Among different animal viruses, coronavirus is a virus known to cause respiratory illnesses. There are no antiviral drug in the pharmaceutical industry.

Mind Over Body:

When we talk about the power of thought in relation to health, the most widely researched place to start, is the placebo effect. Everyone knows what the placebo effect is. It is when a person believes they are receiving treatment and the treatment is empty or has nothing in it, and people somehow respond to it. The placebo effect demonstrates that the mind can create physiological changes in the body. Neuroscientist Fabrizio Benedetti explains:

There isn’t just one placebo effect, but many. Placebo painkillers can trigger the release of natural pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins. Patients with Parkinson’s disease respond to placebos with a flood of dopamine. Fake oxygen, given to someone at altitude can eliminate many of the symptoms of altitude sickness.

The placebo effect is interesting because it examines the power of the mind over body. Biological changes observed in the body after administration of a placebo are not triggered by the placebo itself, but rather by the mind, by our perception. Our thought ultimately creates a psychological response to these fake treatments. The placebo effect unwittingly proves that it is possible to change our biology simply by changing what we believe to be true.

Carefully guard your thoughts. Resist thoughts of fear and panic. Think thoughts of vibrancy, strength, health and wellbeing.