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Thoughts On Dating, Love and Coronavirus: Guest Article By JaDee Guidice

Champagne, Oysters and Pandemic No one will dispute the fact that love is what will get us through this pandemic.  Love gives us the strength to continue on when the odds are stacked against us and simply put, love is what makes life worth living.   Whether that's love for a spouse or partner, our

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Staying Positive From NYC by Hilary Hoang

Our lovely fashionista, on camera talent and artist, Hilary Hoang, has some words of encouragement for everyone in the midsts of this strange time:   She Looked Out While Looking In………..   New York is the city that never sleeps and right now that could not be more true.     This is the place where

Opinion: Healing Thoughts

  Have you ever noticed that when you you see someone coughing your natural reaction is to move away, even before coronavirus became a thing. Obviously you do not want to catch their virus. There is also the reality that even just looking at illness, watching sick people can make you feel a little ill.